Who are we

Our website is: https://tuxi.ca

Tuxi is a free platform that introduces the passenger to the driver and does not take any commission from the passenger or the driver. Since it is not possible to pay online at the moment, the car applicant pays the price directly and in person to the driver.

Privacy Policy

1. If you are booking a car to send a package containing expensive, perishable and breakable items, consider that Tuxi doesn't guarantee the package in cases of being lost or damage. Also if passengers leave bags, valuables items or money in the car, there's no responsibility for Tuxi for paying compensation. It's something between driver and the service applicant and they must fix the problem between themselves.

2. In the case of accident or any physical injury, Tuxi is not responsible for paying the medical costs or paying any compensation.

3. The package you intend to send can not weigh more than 10 kg and must contain legal and portable items and the contents must also be visible to the driver.